Cherry Porter


5.6% alc./vol. 
24 x 473ml Cans

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MacLean’s Cherry Porter: Subtle Sophistication Meets Classic Warmth

  • Type: Porter
  • ABV: 5.6%
  • Character: Smooth and medium-bodied with a balance of subtle sweetness and sour cherry notes

Taste and Experience

MacLean’s Cherry Porter offers a unique twist on the traditional porter, seamlessly blending the smooth, deep flavors of the dark ale with the subtle tartness of sour cherry. This medium-bodied ale is a symphony of balance, presenting a gentle interplay between subtle sweetness and nuanced sour notes, perfect for savoring during cooler evenings or as a refined finish to a hearty meal.

Craftsmanship and Ingredients

In the spirit of Ontario’s esteemed craft beer heritage, MacLean’s Cherry Porter is carefully brewed to ensure a harmonious combination of classic porter richness with a fresh, innovative twist. Local ingredients are selected to create the perfect backdrop for the infusion of sour cherry, resulting in a beer that pays homage to traditional brewing while embracing modern flavor profiles.

Perfect Pairings

The distinctive character of this Cherry Porter makes it an ideal companion for a range of foods. Pair it with rich, savory dishes like smoked meats or chocolate desserts to enhance the porter’s depth, or contrast it with sharp cheeses and sweet pastries to bring out the cherry notes. Its versatility also makes it suitable for sipping alongside fireside chats or as an intriguing complement to a fine dining experience.

Ontario Craft Beer

Enjoy the rich, layered taste of MacLean’s Cherry Porter, where traditional craft meets contemporary flair. This ale is more than just a beer; it’s a celebration of the complexities that make Ontario craft brewing stand out. Whether you’re a long-time porter aficionado or seeking something uniquely delightful, MacLean’s Cherry Porter is sure to provide a memorable and sophisticated tasting experience.

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24 x 473 ml Cans


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