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Celebrating 45 years Of Craft Brewing. MacLean’s continues to be the Hallmark of Tradition & Quality since 1979

Premium LIGHT Lager

MacLean's Light

Ideal for any occasion, MacLean’s Light lager offers an easy-drinking journey, celebrating the art of simplicity where we balance natural ingredients to craft this crisp, refreshing light beer.
Golden Ale

MacLean's Blonde

This Golden Ale, stands as a tribute to its farmhouse origins where Charles masterfully blends a malty sweetness with a smooth light body. It is the quintessential session ale.

Pale Ale

MacLean's Original

Our Signature Pale Ale, is crafted with a unique combination of British malts and hops. Add to that a distinctive strain of ale yeast and the result is a well hopped, malty ale.

Hazy IPA

Lazy Hazy IPAzy

Packed with mouth-watering juicy tropical flavours, our Lazy Hazy IPA is the perfect pairing when you just want to chill and enjoy some me-time!

Cream Ale

County Cream Ale

MacLean’s County Cream Ale blends a smooth, creamy body with crisp hop flavours for an unmatched session ale experience. Enjoy the craft in every can.

Scotch Ale

Armchair Scotch Ale

Stoke the fire and settle into a comfy armchair to savour the rich and distinct malty flavours of this full-body ale.


Cherry Porter

MacLean’s Cherry Porter is delightfully smooth with subtle notes of sour cherry. This medium-bodied, balanced porter offers a gentle sweetness and nuanced flavours for a truly enjoyable drinking experience.


Luck & Charm Oatmeal Stout

Listen. You’re not going to get through life on good looks alone. You need a special something. This delicious and creamy dry stout is medium in body and features coffee-like notes. That’s something.

Brown Ale

Brewmaster Brown Ale

This delicious brew incorporated English Crystal and Chocolate malts with the perfect amount of hops to create yet another beautifully balanced English Style Ale. The signature of our very own Charles MacLean.

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