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MacLean’s Beer Delivery has you covered in select parts of Grey County, Bruce County, Simcoe County, and Waterloo/Kitchener, including all the big spots and the little towns around them. Check out our Beer Delivery Schedule and Map below to get the full details.

Ontario Beer Delivery Schedule & Maps

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Wednesday Beer Delivery

Every Wednesday we deliver to Durham, Hanover, Chesley, Paisley, Kincardine, Tiverton, Port Elgin, Tara, Chatsworth, Owen Sound, Markdale, Flesherton, Dundalk, Shelburne, Creemore, Stayner, Collingwood, Thornbury, Meaford and surrounding areas.

Thursday Beer Delivery

Ever Thursday we deliver to Guelph, Kitchener, Cambridge, Elmira, Fergus, Drayton, Arthur, Listowel, Palmerston, Harriston, Mt Forest, Hanover, Durham and Surrounding as well as Kemble, Wiarton, Oliphant, Sauble Falls, Sauble Beach, Pike Bay, Lion’s Head, Cape Chin, Miller Lake, Tobermory & surrounding areas 

Friday Beer Delivery

Every Friday we deliver to Mildway, Wingham, Blyth, Clinton, Holmesville, Goderich Point Clark, Ripley Licknow, Kincadine and surrounding areas.

MacLean's Beer Delivery FAQs

For order updates, changes, or to inquire about keg delivery please contact us.

Delivery is generally 24 – 72 hours from order confirmation. Please check our delivery zones on the provided map to see our typical delivery schedules.

Delivery cost is $5.99 + tax, for orders over $150 delivery is on us!

As long as someone 19+ is present to accept delivery, we are all good!

‘Order is Ready’ email is our system’s confirmation that your order has been processed. Expect delivery based on the schedules posted and if there is a delay we will reach out to you directly.

Yes, anyone can order a keg! Please note, keg purchases do not include taps or CO2 equipment. For more details, contact us at

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The Symbol Of Craft Beer in Ontario

And The Hallmark Of Tradition & Quality

About MacLean's & Our Beer Delivery

Premium Craft Beer Delivery in Ontario

Charles MacLean’s journey from riding a Norton Commando motorcycle through the English countryside to becoming the Godfather of Ontario craft brewing is a tale of passion, tradition, and innovation. In the 1970s, a trip for adventure led him into the world of brewing craft beer. Upon returning to Canada, Charles applied his newfound knowledge to set up breweries and experiment with brewing techniques on his farm, quickly making his small-batch beers local legends. Now, you can order MacLean’s Beer online for delivery directly from the brewery, and enjoy the exceptional quality of Ontario craft brewing at home.
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At MacLean’s, we blend local tradition with global inspiration. By sourcing the finest ingredients from Ontario and beyond, we ensure that every sip of MacLean’s Beer delivers unmatched balance and depth.

Our Craft Beer Delivery Selection

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MacLean's Light

Premium Light Beer Ontario

MacLean’s Light lager is crafted to provide an easy-drinking experience, celebrating the art of simplicity with its crisp, refreshing taste. Perfect for any occasion, this light beer highlights the spirit of Ontario craft brewing with its smooth finish. A great add-on to your next beer delivery order.  With an ABV of 4.0%, MacLean’s Light is the epitome of premium light beer, balancing natural ingredients to deliver a superior lager.

MacLean's Blonde

Golden Ale Blonde Beer Ontario

MacLean’s Blonde stands as a testament to the elegance of a Golden Ale. This beer blends malty sweetness with a light, smooth body, making it ideal for long conversations and memorable moments. With an ABV of 4.8%, it captures the essence of a session ale, perfect for those who appreciate subtlety and flavour. Consider adding this to your next craft beer delivery in Ontario.
MacLean's Original

Pale Ale Beer Ontario

MacLean’s Original Pale Ale combines British malts and hops with a distinctive strain of ale yeast, resulting in a well-hopped, malty ale. With an ABV of 5.2%, this robust beer showcases a harmonious blend of malt and hop, reflecting our commitment to quality and tradition in every sip. It’s a must-have for your next Ontario craft beer delivery.
MacLean's Lazy Hazy IPAzy

IPA Beer Ontario

Lazy Hazy IPAzy is packed with mouth-watering juicy tropical flavours, offering a smooth, hazy body perfect for relaxation. With an ABV of 4.8%, this Hazy IPA embodies the laid-back essence of unwinding and enjoying me-time. This is an excellent choice for your next beer delivery.
MacLean's County Cream Ale

Cream Ale Beer Ontario

County Cream Ale combines a smooth, creamy body with crisp hop flavours, delivering an unmatched session ale experience. With an ABV of 4.2%, it’s crafted for those who appreciate a beer that marries richness with refreshment. Add it to your next online beer order!
MacLean's Armchair Scotch Ale

Scotch Ale Strong Beer Ontario

Armchair Scotch Ale invites you to stoke the fire and settle into a comfy armchair with its rich, full-bodied ale offering distinct malty flavours. With an ABV of 7.5%, this strong beer is perfect for moments of leisure and reflection. Ensure you include this seasonal ale in your next Ontario craft beer delivery for a comforting experience.
MacLean's Cherry Porter

Porter Beers Ontario

Cherry Porter offers a smooth drinking experience with subtle notes of sour cherry. This medium-bodied porter, with an ABV of 5.6%, balances gentle sweetness and nuanced flavours, making it ideal for those who enjoy a sophisticated porter. Don’t miss out on this for your next beer delivery.
MacLean's Luck & Charm Oatmeal Stout

Stout Beer Ontario

Stout Luck & Charm Oatmeal Stout boasts a creamy texture and inviting coffee-like notes. With an ABV of 5.6%, this medium-bodied stout is a standout choice for those who appreciate depth and sophistication. It’s an excellent addition to any craft beer delivery in Ontario.
MacLean's Brewmaster Brown Ale

Brown Ale Ontario

Brewmaster Brown Ale blends English Crystal and Chocolate malts with just the right touch of hops, creating a beautifully balanced ale. With an ABV of 4.8%, it reflects the heart of English brewing tradition and Charles MacLean’s dedication to crafting ales with depth and harmony. This is a must-try for your next Ontario craft beer delivery.
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Ordering beer online from MacLean’s is simple and convenient. Our online store allows you to browse our selection, place your order, and have your favourite brews delivered straight to your door. We offer a variety of options to suit every taste, ensuring you can enjoy the best of Ontario craft beer with ease.

Why Choose MacLean's Beer Delivery?

For order updates, changes, or to inquire about keg delivery please contact us.

Our beers are crafted with the finest ingredients and meticulous attention to detail.
>From light lagers to rich stouts, we offer a diverse selection to satisfy every palate.
By choosing MacLean’s, you’re supporting a local Ontario craft brewery with a rich heritage and a commitment to quality.

Order Your Next Beer Delivery From MacLean's

Embrace the rich tradition and exceptional quality of MacLean’s Beer. Order your favourite craft beers online today and enjoy the finest brews Ontario has to offer, delivered right to your door. Cheers to great beer and the art of brewing!

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